Microsoft Office: Best solution for Desktop applications

Don’t you agree that half of your job related works can’t be done without making use of Microsoft Office’s features?

It has gained much popularity over the years and is considered the best software for making text documents and much more. You can use it to write as well as read your documents.

Subscribe the pack

Microsoft Office contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. The full subscription plan gives you an option to have all these included applications which are used for different purposes. You could work on any application and save the work and upload to your own cloud storage and refer to it for future use.

Office for mobile

If you are wondering how would the applications show up on your phone when you can’t make use of your PC or Mac then you need to stop worrying about it. Office scales up everything according to your screen size and layout. Moreover, if you are making use of only one or two applications of it, then there are standalone applications too, created for this purpose. You can save your work and can make separate files to be viewed.

This facility is not only for Android users, but also for IOS users too. So it takes care of more than one operating system. Office Mobile for iPhone was created for this purpose.

Quality Customer Services

We have expert engineers who can deal with any issues that you’ll face while setting up Office. The problems could range from having viruses affecting your files, the speed getting compromised while working with Office due to some reason which needs to be fixed, if you are not able to remember your password and want to restore an old account, or simply if you just need guidance on how to set up its products. All these issues can be reported and gotten fixed with Microsoft technical support in Canada.

Steps to set up Microsoft Office

Firstly, you need to create an account and sign in at and then get your product key so as to ensure that you are the authorized customer. After you have gotten your product key, you need to install your product and a 32-bit version of Office will be installed, you can also get the 64-bit version if you are looking for it. A popup menu will be seen after you are done with the first step asking you to run the software which needs to be selected.

When the installation process is completed, you will be given a notification.

Compatibility issues

While the installation process of Microsoft Office365 goes, some customers might have to get notifications that ask them to stop or install Office 2016. You shouldn’t be worried about it as it only means that there could be issues related to compatibility with your system because of certain programs already installed in it.

Microsoft support in Canada is always up to deal with any kind of problems faced by you so go ahead and install Microsoft Office365 today itself.

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